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AIZ Token Sale

The AIZ token sale will come to an end as soon as 10,000 BTC have been raised or 60 days from start. During the sale, AIZ tokens will be offered in 5 price tiers:

Total AIZ Tokens: 75 M Tokens

48 Hours Crowd Sale 1 AIZ = $0.15 | 50% BONUS
NEXT 05 Days 1 AIZ = $0.20
NEXT 10 Days 1 AIZ = $0.30
NEXT 15 Days 1 AIZ = $0.40
NEXT 20 Days 1 AIZ = $0.50
NEXT 25 Days 1 AIZ = $0.60
NEXT 30 Days 1 AIZ = $0.70
NEXT 35 Days 1 AIZ = $0.80
NEXT 40 Days 1 AIZ = $0.90
NEXT 45 Days 1 AIZ = $1.00
NEXT 50 Days 1 AIZ = $1.10
NEXT 55 Days 1 AIZ = $1.20
NEXT 60 Days 1 AIZ = $1.30

ZEUS coin Distribution:

After completion of ICO tokens will be converted to AIZ Coins. Users can redeem AIZ coins to their AIZ Wallet and start trading on exchanges. Or they can invest their coins to AI ZEUS for highest returns. Investment plans for AIZEUS available below. Anyone want to make investment in AI ZEUS using AIZ Coin Only. AI ZEUS will Accept only AIZ Coins for investment. Please check FAQs for more Detail.

ZEUS Private Investment Advisor

ZEUS is your private Investment Advisor, It will do investments behalf of you in high return business for maximum ROI

One Click
No Need To Worry About
Market Research or Anything
Fully Automated
Trading Process
ZEUS Will Invest Your Fund Wisely
To Get Highest Return.
Low to Zero
We Combine Three Type of Business
Algorithm In ZEUS To Maximize Profit
And Lower The Risk.


  • Topic Research & Concept Development
  • Feasiblity Study
  • Product White Papers
  • Token Sale
  • Devlopment Of MVP & Testing
  • Payment Integration - Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Withdrawal Of Tokens
  • Launch Of ZEUS Coin
  • Launch Of ZEUS Pay
  • Launch Of AI ZEUS 1.0
  • Launch Of ZEUS 2.0
  • Payment Integration with top 10 ALTERNATIVE Coins
  • Launch Of ZEUS Exchange

Some Facts About ZEUS

ZEUS coin is open source, peer to peer, decentralized cryptocurrency. Using ZEUS coin people can invest in AI ZEUS pleatfrom and earn 1.5X return then typical investment methods. ZEUS coin is non-government controlled currency. ZEUS coin is pure POW coin. Where users can get them by mining. Price of ZEUS coin Based on demand and supply. ZEUS coin using most secure and fast algorithm "Scrypt". There for making ASICS for ZEUS coin is difficult. ZEUS coin can be mined by CPU and GPU miners.

Coin Algorithm: Scrypt (PoW)
Coin Abbreviation: AIZ
Maximum Coin Supply: 75 Million
Coin base maturity: 51 blocks
PoW block reward: 20 AIZ

Affiliate System:

AI ZEUS have inbuilt affiliate system. AI ZEUS affiliate system allow affiliates to earn 10% commission up to 10 levels, 10% on each level. Affiliate earnings will be added in your account in form of AIZ tokens. This affiliate system will remain same for AI ZEUS platform after ICO. When someone invest in AI ZEUS platform under your affiliate link, you will be rewarded with 10% of affiliate earning. 10% of affiliate earning up to 10 levels for AI ZEUS investment portal also. Keep in mind that this earning only rewarded on direct investments. Not for earned commissions or earned affiliate income. You can find your affiliate ID in AI ZEUS user panel.

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